General Description

Paper cup blank Punching machine is designed for  blanking of paper

Application of Machine

Paper blank for paper cup, bowl, plate and so on. 

Production Range

2.5oz ~ 150oz Blank,    60cc ~ 1100cc

Specification of Machine

size range of punching Model (1).pdf_pag

Size Range of Blanking

Size Range of Blanking

Lay-out of Machine (R-Model)

루프 펀칭기 Model (1).pdf_page_1.jpg

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Paper Cup Blank Punching Machine (R-Model)


Main Configuration

1. Heavy-Duty metal mold

   (Long Run Production)

2. Tension control system

3. Tracking the I-Mark system

4. Mitsubishi Servo control system

   (Simple and Easy Operation)

5. Automatic Collecting

6. Automatic Stripping

7. Quick Change of mold and adjustment

   (Around 20 minutes)

8. Roof equipment